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Social Media Marketing Courses: Best in the Business


With the inevitable evolution and transformation, the world has become what it is. Looking from a business perspective, physical shops had been a tradition and no one knew that they would ever be replaced by online shopping. Likewise, pamphlets, brochures, and magazines were the only options business owners looked up to for advertising purposes. However now, online marketing like email marketing, Google ads, Facebook ads, and others including Instagram ads have taken the position. Online marketing has also been a part of business trends that need to be considered in 2022. Accordingly, to stay modernized in the business world it is important to get skilled by taking social media marketing courses. Multiple course websites provide marketing certification also. These certificates help one shape the discussion during a business deal, attract new customers and partners, and alleviate business loyalty. 

This article addresses some sites for learning social media marketing courses that you can look up to benefit your business growth. This is an infographic showing how marketers optimize different platforms for their needs.  

Social Media Marketing Infographics
Social Media Marketing - Optimized use of every platform

Social Media Marketing Course by GoogleGarage

When it comes to free online courses, Google is everyone’s first preference. The reason behind this is that it provides a marketing certificate also along with unlimited access to the course. Furthermore, the course is designed by official Google trainers, and by the end of it, you will be able to design a website of your own, plan an online business strategy, SEO, SEM, improve search campaigns, and spread your business locally. 

Most importantly, as it is a social media marketing course, it greatly benefits businesses as it includes connecting through email, advertising on other websites, promoting videos, building e-commerce, and selling more online before becoming an international brand. Lastly, it is a 40-hour beginner course and is divided into 26 modules. 


Social Media Marketing Course of Udemy

Udemy is famous for offering best-selling online courses. If we talk specifically about the social media marketing courses, there is a wide variety of such courses but you need to pay an amount to access the lessons. 

At the moment, there is an ongoing sale at Udemy that you can benefit from. Most of these online marketing courses allow one to comprehend social media marketing, SEO, Youtube, email, Facebook marketing as well as analytics. 

The purpose of most of the courses is to allow learners to work as entrepreneurs.  For that, the main objectives of the sessions are making one able to start an online business from scratch, work as an affiliate marketer, and get hired as a digital marketing expert. 

Above all, a marketing certificate of completion is awarded to all learners by Udemy. It also provides full lifetime access to buyers. 

Complete Marketing Courses from Alison

Social Media Marketing Courses from Alison

Alison has trademarked in providing online courses to more than 4 million up till now. The platform provides free social media marketing courses and the results are remarkably divine. However, if you need to access the completion certificate you would have to pay Alison a specific amount.

Social media is indeed the cheapest option to advertise a business. Regardless of its amazing results, there are some problems and crucial steps. Alison not only provides basic social media marketing knowledge but also provides Pinterest Marketing and Linkedin Marketing. There is also a course assessment to test the learned knowledge. Besides that, for customer lead surety and profits, Alison provides Funnel Building courses as well as A/B split testing. 


Social Media Marketing Courses by coursera

Coursera is one of the most preferred platforms to learn any course. It notably offers a free social media marketing course along with a shareable certificate. 

This marketing training course begins with ‘What is Social. It is one of the six courses and is for business runners, executives, and marketing professionals who want to improve their social media marketing strategies. In another step of the entire course, you would learn effective social strategies rehearsed by associations today. Most importantly, you would learn the need to make the landing page unique and attractive as it is a bottom line. Furthermore, you would also be taught what things go viral and the secrets of advertisements on Facebook and other social media platforms. This social media marketing course takes up to 7 months to get fully completed. 

Meta Blueprint Marketing Training Courses

Social Media Marketing Courses by Meta

This social media marketing course is provided by Meta Blueprint to all beginner-level entrepreneurs. The course undergoes multiple topics like finding an audience online, setting marketing goals, creating a brand tone, and lastly using the power of social media to attract customers or audiences. Once the course is completed, you need to choose one of the eight different certification types to showcase your learned skill and verify your marketing mastery. On passing the test, the learner gets a completion certificate that can be shared in resumes. 

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