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Unique Business Ideas: 5 Ways to start off your Business in 2022


Ever felt stuck at getting started as an entrepreneur when it comes to being traditional or starting unique? There is no lie when it is said that the global market is getting much more competitive with each passing day. First-time entrepreneurs need to stay firm on their unique business ideas to prosper in 2022. 

Many entrepreneurs look forward to selling an in-demand product due to which they face much competition. But, to stand out and be unique, you need to sell something original, pure, and something that other organizations do not offer. 

With less competition, comes a greater worth of the skill or the product. With that in mind explore where you find yourself good at. This article discusses a few unique business ideas and you can pick one of your favorites. 

1. Start a Dropshipping Business


Ever heard of starting a business with no investment in stocking up?  

Well, that is what dropshipping is. Being the forerunner of this unique business you don’t need to spend on stockpiling. 

So how does this work?

Dropshipping involves a third party with whom you interact once you receive an order from a client. The third party is a wholesaler or a manufacturer. 

Thus, this unique business idea doesn’t include handling products yourself, it just needs you to make most sales and pass the orders to a third party. However, for the business to become high-yielding you need to build trust with your customers, be active, and take time zones of the other part of the world into consideration as you can also sell across borders. 

2. Launch a T-shirt business: Sell print-on-demand products

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Printing products, especially t-shirts, require less investment yet is one of the unique business ideas.

This is another dropshipping model and in this case, unlike other businesses you’re portraying your art skills on different products like t-shirts, hats, and bags as they become your canvases. 

Also, if you don’t master arts but still have a desire to step into this unique business you can always hire a designer from freelancing sites like UpworkFiver, and Dribble

It’s also not compulsory to buy in stocks, use mock-up templates and keep updating your site with new products without any photography hustle. 

Looks like passive income to me! 

3. Launch your Books- Be an author-preneur

Be an author-preneur

Writing a book and then selling it is like getting paid for that creative part your brain has! 

First-time writers need to understand that, unlike in the past, they can easily sell their books directly to the audience. That’s what author-preneurs do! They cut out the publishing companies and market their books directly through social media

For this purpose, print-on-demand is the safest option one could choose, as there is no need to have a stockpile. Also, from printing quality to book looks everything can be controlled and properly supervised when it comes to print-on-demand. 

Now, it’s your choice to write novels, comic books, guide books, business plan books, or even coffee table books and then sell them at marketplaces like AmazonPowell’s, and eBay

4. Start a pet business

Startup guide!

Running a pet business is one of the most high-in-demand unique businesses. Around 70 percent of households in the United States are pet owners as of 2022. 

You might be thinking the pet business is just selling pets. However, it’s not just confined to selling pets, rather it could include pet accessories like food, toys, training, or even walking. 

Additionally, once your business is all set up you can hire writers through outsourcing to write pet books and can keep them up on your website. You can offer pet services too. 

Notably, Shopify offers first-time entrepreneurs, planning to run a pet business, a complete guide on how to start. 

5. Step into E-commerce


E-commerce comes under a unique way to start up entrepreneurship. Unlike dropshipping, e-commerce doesn’t include involvement of a third party. An e-commerce site is just like running a physical shop in a market. However, when it comes to e-commerce you don’t need to worry about the rent, electric bills, wages to the helpers, and even the store design. This unique business idea doesn’t include such investments. You just need to put up your products, make your online shop attractive and continue selling.

What makes e-commerce much easier is that in case of a shortage of a product you can simply put up a statement ‘out of stock.’ That tells customers that the required product is currently unavailable and will be updated soon.  

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