7 Things to do in Summer Vacation if you’re a travel enthusiast

Summer vacations are here and there is a lot on the mind about how to best spend the vacations. Well, if you are a travel enthusiast and love to meet new people, we have got you covered. There is no doubt that summer vacations are the most sought-after time of the whole year. It determines how we will spend the rest of our year until the next vacation. So, it has to be great. We have made a step-by-step list of 7 things to do in summer vacations if you’re a travel enthusiast.

1. Explore new places in your city

We all are guilty of not fully exploring our hometown before going to see other places. Time to do it now. Explore the best street food, best restaurant, or picturesque spot where you could take great Instagram photos. Trust me, you’ll find some amazing spots that you had no prior idea of whatsoever. Thank me later for this tip.

2. Hosting any Traveler could be a perfect thing to do during the Summer Vacations

We are living in an amazing century where every city in the world has some new travelers coming every day. You can connect with all of them, thanks to the internet and tourism apps like Couchsurfing. Connect with them and invite them over for a cup of coffee. You can also host them at your home for a night or two if you feel like doing it. Doing so will establish a cordial relationship with a person from a far-off land and you can learn so many new things while sitting in the comfort of your home.

3. Learn a new Language

Think in your head about one place that you REALLY want to visit. Start learning the language of that place. It could be an international language like French, Arabic, or some local language of any city like Broshushki of Hunza, GB, Pakistan. It will add great value to you when you’ll visit that place. There are some amazing apps like Duolingo where you can learn it free.

4. Learn to camp and cook

If you don’t know how to do camping and how to cook, this could be an amazing time for it. Camp in your lawn or garage. Do this more than a couple of times. Try out new dishes and use different ingredients. It will prepare you to survive in places where you’ll not find every eating item and places to crash.

5. Follow a fitness regime

Daily Exercise is a must habit for people who are travel enthusiasts. If you are not in proper shape, it could be really hard for you to travel and do exciting activities. Therefore, make sure to follow a strict fitness regime. BTW most of the time this is already at the top of the list of things to do in summer vacation but very seldom gets a tick mark at the end 😉 

6. Go Travel

If you still got time and have enough finances, plan a trip. If you can visit that dream place you learned the language of, Great! Even if you can’t, plan for some other place. Just leaving your town and going to a new place for a change would leave a great impression on your mind and health.

In case you cannot leave your hometown at all, read travel blogs about the place you want to visit. It will add great value when you’d actually visit it.

7. Unleash your productivity: Write a travelogue

If you feel like being creative or productive, write a travelogue or memoir about your trip or whole vacation in general. It would not only boost up your creative side and give you psychological wellness, but you can also use it for your monetary benefits. Win-Win situation, eh? If you don’t know how to write one, you can read a few travel guides on and start writing. It’s not that difficult, we promise 🙂 

These are some of the things to do in summer vacations if you are a travel enthusiast. Activities suggested here would help you not only in maintaining your physique for bearing the travel fatigue, but would also equip you with the necessary skills needed for an adventurous tour. You can also explore other ideas and improvise because you are the Master of your Ship. Have Fun. 

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